Thick color stripes are getting recurrent in the digital Kodak cameras. We took that characteristic to create the laminations in the tips. You will find a big range of combined colors in each frame.

Easy opening

We have played with the same system of 180º but with metal TR90 frames , a really light material that become the most comfortable and secure frame.

Clip – on

How can we make that users see life in full color? That is what we did, with the inspiration of color filters of the cameras, we have developed different color layers that sticks to the main frame thanks to a strong magnet. You will have three glasses in one with the CLIP ON frames!

Camera lens temple

The lens is one of the most important part of the camera. The lens directs the light rays towards the sensor. We wanted to do an homage of the most popular KODAK lens transforming part of the temple into a camera lens.


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