Color & materials

The mixed materials in the cameras, is what made them sophisticated and beautiful on the outside. To transmit these sensations in our glasses we have developed a titanium and double layer of metal frame in black and matt gold to get the sensation of the focus rings rolling.

180º Hinge

There is no better sensation than open the back case of the camera and see that the film is over. It’s time to develop and see all our photographies! We saw that this movement could work to make unbreakable temples that can open 180 degrees. In this first collection we add this to acetate and metal.

Tip hole

Round shapes are always involved in cameras as fiewfinders, lenses, buttons… We wanted to use this recognized shape in the tips of the frames simulating a camera lens.

Folding spring hinge

Kodak has built many folding cameras in all their career. We have used this technique to create a new spring hinge inspired in the folding camera. This folding spring hinge is more resistant than most of the spring hinges of the market and also more flexible for a better use.


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